We Offer Roofing Inspection Services In Bartlett, Tennessee

Roof inspections are an important aspect of your roof. A roof inspector determines how long your roof may last, if you should get a roof repair, or if you need a roof replacement. You may believe your roof is in tip-top shape; however, you may not be able to see the damage due to it not being at eye level. Roof damage caused by a small branch may not be completely noticeable, but a trained eye can notice it and make sure it is fixed before it becomes a more complex issue.

Why You Should Get An Inspector

Most damages are not at eye level, causing you to be unable to see the damage. Inspectors view every aspect of your roof to see damages you may not be able to see. Small damages are important to repair because they can easily become enormous. Repairing small damages could save you from repairing large damages, which can quickly become costly. Repairing little damages could also save you from a roof replacement, which is a huge investment. Having an inspector look at your house will keep you from getting on the roof. It keeps you safe, especially if you are afraid of heights. Avoiding getting on the roof is a huge plus when it comes to your safety. Our Bartlett Roofing Company provides inspections for insurance reasons and for preventative reasons. Our expert team will also give you advice regarding your damages. They will discuss with you their expert opinion on your roof if they think you should get a repair or a roof replacement.

How Often Should You Get An Inspector?

A roof inspector should inspect your roof at least once a year. The best time to have an inspector come is in the fall and spring. Since roofing can become quite an investment, it’s best to have an inspector look at your roof at least yearly; because a small issue can become a large issue, which will turn into a more expensive investment than necessary. Other times to have your roof inspected is after a horrendous storm, before putting your home on the market, and before a forecasted; hail, thunderstorm, or snowstorm. Getting an inspection is all about timing. Inspections are the key to a long-lasting roof. Inspectors can find roof rotting, small and large damages, rust, and broken or missing shingles.

Signs Of When You Should Get An Inspector

Sometimes you may need an inspector sooner than every two years. There are a few signs when you need an inspector to look at your roof quickly. For instance, if part of your roof is visibly sagging between the rafters, it’s crucial to have an inspector look at your roof. Other signs are if you have materials missing, if your roof has rust, or if metals on your roof have corroded.

Finding The Best Inspector

Finding the best inspector is crucial. An inspector can’t miss or overlook anything. Bartlett Roofing has expert inspectors who have a keen eye that won’t overlook any minor issue. Our goal is to make sure your roof lasts a long time.