Best Practices For Taking Care Of Your Roof

Your roof is susceptible to decay, damage, cracks, and leakage. Even when you have used the best quality materials and installed everything properly, there is a need to follow the best roof caring practices. It helps you avoid roofing problems. Fix a roofing problem as soon as you notice it, otherwise, it will develop into […]

Things Found In The Attic And The Basement

You find attics and basements in horror movies and nightmares for a reason. There’s something about these two places that creates a dark, dank, and dangerous aura that lends itself to making one’s imagination go wild. While your basement or attic can be inviting with the correct preparation, you should always get a warning about […]

Types of Roofing Shingles

Choosing the right type of shingle and material is crucial to any homeowner. Not only do your shingles protect your home from water, snow, and ice, but they also add to curb appeal — an important factor in determining your home’s value. Roof shingles also affect household temperatures and energy efficiency. A  cool roof will generally be […]

Solar Panels: How They Work

Solar panels continue to provide a popular alternative energy option for green-conscious homeowners. Homeowners interested in cost-cutting technologies also choose this option to generate their electrical needs. Even the White House uses solar panel energy. How do solar panels work? Let’s take a look. How Are Solar Panels Made? So glad you asked! Solar panels […]

Your Roof Is An Essential Investment To Your Home

Roof Investment Is Essential To Your Home The roof is a very essential part of your house. You will realize that it normally protects your property from damage whenever there is rain, snow, and so on. You need to take care of your roof all the time. It should remain in a good condition all […]

What Are Roof Stains & How To Remove Them?

Do You Have Stains On Your Roof? If So, Here is How to Get Rid of Them The common cause for roof staining is organisms like moss, lichens, and algae. These organisms are known to feed off the organic roof material in shingles. The longer it is left untreated, the worse the damage to roofs. […]

Prepare Your House To Avoid Winter Damage To Your Roof

Winterize Your Roof During the winter, temperatures fluctuate between above and below-freezing temperatures. This is not good for roofing materials such as shingles and flashings because they will compress and expand with the changing temperature. This can cause the materials to become loose, warped, or even cracked. To prevent damage from the winter temperatures and […]

How To Properly Inspect Your Roof For Signs Of Damage?

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give any homeowner is to examine their home on a regular basis. Catching minor damages in time can save you a ton of money and inconvenience. Periodic inspection is especially important in the case of your roof as you don’t actually see your roof that […]

Benefits and Types of Green Roofs: How They Can Save You Money And Help The Environment?

A living roof sometimes called a green roof, is a roof covered by a waterproofing membrane and then covered partially or completely by vegetation and growing mediums that retain water and transfer it back into the atmosphere through natural means. Installing green roofs conserve a notable amount of energy, but have additional benefits such as […]

Roof Leak: A Costly Repair

There’s one area of a home that even the savviest of homeowners can easily overlook or ignore! The roof! With kitchens to remodel, bedrooms to paint and landscaping to maintain, we put roof repairs on the back burner. We commit to other improvement projects perceived to be more appealing and less expensive. Often, homeowners aren’t […]