Are Metal Roofs Good in Winter?

This massive snowfall in most areas is a good reminder to homeowners of the importance of having the ideal roof for the harsh weather during winter. Metal roofing is a great choice for people living in snowy areas as they shed snow loads easily.

Implications of Snow to Roofing

Though the weight per square cubic foot of lightly packed snow powder is very little, wet snow can weigh over 62 pounds per cubic foot causing many problems. The weight of the snow exerts pressure on the roof making it bow downwards or sag.

Some homeowners may opt to rake the snow off the roof but this is only a short-term solution. Raking also causes significant damage to the roof.

Besides snow loads, homeowners should also keep an eye on ice dams. Though icicles hanging along the eaves of a house look beautiful, they are a sign of trouble. This is because of the same condition that leads to the formation of icicles; freezing weather and snow-covered roofs also lead to ice dams and thick build-up of ice along the eaves. Ice dams can loosen shingles, tear off gutters and make water leak into the house.

The best way to prevent snow loads and ice dams on the roof is to install metal roofs.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Energy-efficient metal roofs beat conventional roofing materials on a number of different counts:

First, they have a smooth top surface. When the sun shines, heat passes through the snow, heats up the metal, and is reflected back outside. This allows the snow to melt over the entire surface. The ice and snow melt from the bottom creating an opportunity for the snow to be shed faster compared to other roofing materials.

Also, metal roofing is impervious to snow and ice because of its interlocking design and because the surfaces are slippery and hard.

Another benefit is that metal roofs are durable. They last 40-70 years easily shedding snow, sealing out water, and surviving high winds throughout their lifetime.

If you are looking for the best roofing this winter, consider installing metal roofs. They are available in different styles to match any home or neighborhood.

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